Bathroom Tiles

I lie here In a bath gone cold Unable to move Even to wipe the hot tears from my cheeks. I have mustered Up every single bit of courage I have To share these words with you. My bravery Meets your cold, disappointed stare. Too displeased to even entertain a conversation You simply tell me … More Bathroom Tiles

Icy Stars

You are a sacred ground upon which only the truest can tread I am a side street, a convenient shortcut to a desired location You are the pillar of our community, teaching us right from wrong Teaching us when to laugh and when to cry I am the eager school child, desperate to learn from … More Icy Stars

Chin Chin

This little restaurant is getting huge attention across the food-loving city of Melbourne. Their walk-in only policy adds an air of mystery that results in a long and eager queue out of the door but never fear, you can spend that time waiting in the fabulous GoGo Bar downstairs … More Chin Chin

Long and Heavy Days

Long and heavy days Spent trudging through lines of code Words strung together To teach somebody About how to sell to somebody else Something that they do not need. Funding a lifestyle That I never knew I wanted Becoming addicted To the benefits of capitalism And to the unfamiliar feeling Of being on top of … More Long and Heavy Days