Far from home

Tell us about the farthest you’ve ever traveled from home

Well this answer would be very different were it six weeks from now.

In six weeks I’m travelling to Australia. Literally the other side of the world. If I were to go any further I’d be on my way home again.

I’ve been to a few exciting places. Hong Kong, Thailand, Macau, Dubai…but none of these can ever be as far away from what I consider home as my first trip to Italy.

I travelled to Italy when I was just a spring chicken of 20. I was shy, introverted, quiet, unsure. But despite all of this I said farewell to all of my friends on a whim. I got the harebrained idea into my head that I needed to get away and a week (and a two hour flight away) was landing in Naples airport. I was going to be an au pair. I had little childcare experience, I had even littler travel experience and absolutely no Italian language skills.

I was terrified.

It was the biggest learning curve I have ever undergone. I had to burst out of my comfortable bubble and prepare to get lost. I had a lot to learn; not only confidence but the feeling of freedom. I was liberated. I had never realised quite how unhappy I was until I threw myself at something so far from my own life and compared the two.

The experience was by no means perfect, don’t get me wrong. It’s lonely when nobody understands your jokes and even lonelier when the only person you do speak to is a four year old. But I did it. I survived. And for some reason tried it again the next year, in a new place, with a new outlook.

And now I’m about the run away again! I want to learn! I want to become uncomfortable and unsure to find my place in the world. I’m going to explore Australia and in the meantime explore myself.
I can’t wait.

So the furthest I’ve been from my home, my cute little home in North Wales where I spent the first 19 years of my life and where I’m sure my parents will spend the rest of theirs, the furthest I have been from that place, is when I was just about treading water in Italia with no friends and no clue.

Even though Australia is 23437297 times further away, I don’t think I’ll ever be that far from my comfort zone again. It was like starting a new life. Then again, I suppose, travel opens up new ideas and I could be a whole new person again in six months time. Isn’t that exciting?

It’s funny the things you have to relearn when you are travelling and especially au pairing. Stuff you take for granted. This articles the perfect example:

1, 2, 3….

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