LGBT friendly destinations

My inspiration for this post is two-fold. First, my article on top LGBT honeymoon destinations just went up on the Unique Honeymoons website and secondly, I’ve been starting my applications to study Gender and Media for my post-grad.

The shortlist consisted of:
Brighton, EnglandSan Fransisco, USA
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Cape Town, South Africa
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Melbourne, Australia

I am travelling to Sydney in four weeks (excited! But more on that later) but this was struck off my list in favour of Melbourne. When I first looked into Sydney as a travel destination, my research told me that the city was “Gayer than a pocket-full of rainbows and kittens.” I sincerely hope that this is the case otherwise I am going to have a slightly less brilliant six months there.

Please feel free to add comments with suggestions of more places I could add in or anything that should be taken off or suggestions for future posts are welcome too 🙂

NOTE: While this post is by no means an essay on gender politics, it did bring up the unhappy subject of why there is a need to write an article on gay-friendly cities. There is no need to write one on straight-friendly destinations so the idea of the article is oxymoronic. On one hand I wanted to celebrate the recent success of marriage equality in the UK and America and make Summer wedding fever all-inclusive. At the same time I didn’t like the fact that not every place is LGBT friendly and therefore I feel the need to talk about the ones I know that are. But my silent protest would have meant that the whole issue went unheard so I trusted my judgement and dived in.

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