Comes with baggage

Today I have to move from Windsor where I was working with Wanderlust travel mag back to North Wales where my parents still live in my childhood home. I can’t wait to actually be there, I’m seeing old friends and welcoming new family at my brother’s wedding. But to get there I have to take a bus, a coach, do lots of walking for a total of nearly 8 hours. Weighed down with around 50kgs of luggage.

I do not recommend it.

However, as I sit in this air conditioned coach, it reminds me that things could be worse. I could be ill, like in Thailand, I could have no money for food, like in Belgium, I could have no warm welcome when I get back, but I do.

It has also reminded me of one very important things.

I. Hate. Baggage.

In every sense of the word. I like being physically burden-less, being able to hop from place to place. Something I hope to do in Aussieland where I’ll have the essentials and that’s it. I also want to feel light and free in other ways. No more deadlines, lunch hours, computer screens, bills to pay. Carefree.
This is my hope for my next adventure, I’ll let you know how it goes…


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