Arriving in Sydney

First things first, Sydney is AMAZING.

Riding the bus into the city over the Harbour bridge for the first time it was all I could do not to squeal with excitement. Everybody else on the daily commute is tuned into their mobile or tuned out staring into space wishing it was Friday already whilst my nose was pressed to the glass looking over the water to the Opera House. It sits on the waters’ edge like a white goddess welcoming you into the CBD (Central Business District). My guide for the week laughed at my touristy enthusiasm and told me “It never stops being special” and she would turn out to be right.

I’m staying in Cammeray in North Sydney working as a nanny. It’s only ten minutes on the bus from the city and every time I made the journey over the bridge I got a flutter of delight. I have to pinch myself and remind myself that I’m finally here and that all of my hard work has paid off! I’m already in love with this city and it’s only been a week. It reminds me of London in the CBD, Suits rushing around somewhere important or in business meetings in chic cafes. The biggest difference though? People are SMILING! Whilst London’s business district seems all work and no play to the naïve twenty-something, in Sydney, people seem happy. I love this city.

Through my fresh eyes, everything was perfect. The second evening in the city we met people at Milsons Point, the North Shore boardwalk just over the Harbour bridge. Stopping for sushi on the way (which, by the way, is AMAZING. This was my first taste of how amazing food in Australia really is) I was unaware of where we would end up. As the sun was going down, I was already in a happy haze at how lovely everything was. We carried on down to the water’s edge and took a seat. I nearly fell into the watery depths in shock as I realised what lay before me. We had the most amazing view of Sydney’s skyline with the Harbour bridge just to our left and beyond that the Opera House sat silently in the background completing the scene.

It’s would turn out to be the first of many moments where I suddenly felt a lightness of being, realising that I’m finally here, living my dream, in this beautiful city, my city. Sydney.


4 thoughts on “Arriving in Sydney

  1. That’s awesome you’re living out your dream! A very well written article as well, I could almost imagine myself there in Sydney haha. “It sits on the waters’ edge like a white goddess welcoming you into the CBD ” that’s a really awesome line right there.


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