Alternative sunsets at Ankor Wat

In a bid to preserve parts of the ancient site of Angkor, Cambodian authorities have developed a guide to offer alternative locations for observing the sunset

A favourite activity for visitors to Angkor is to watch the sun set over the famous skyline of the Angkor Wat temple. There are already a few popular and well-publicised lookout spots, however this new initiative offers a website that suggests alternative places to watch the sun go down. This will not only reduce the crowds in certain areas but also enhance each visitor’s experience. Prospective travellers can narrow down a suitable lookout-point based on preferred atmosphere and ambience, crowd size and accessibility.

The sacred site from the Khmer Empire is located in the Siem Reap province of Cambodia. Lauded as the biggest religious structure in the world, it is the Asian country’s main focal point for tourism. Receiving two-million tourists a year means a huge boost for the economy and local communities, but the structure itself may be in danger.

The website running the initiative, Angkor Sunsets, said: “The Angkor World Heritage Site is of outstanding value to humanity and part of Cambodia’s cultural identity. Angkor represents an extraordinary period in human history and is a sacred, lived-in landscape.

“This website is an APSARA National Authority initiative designed to enhance visitor experience and appreciation of Angkor while ensuring its conservation for future generations.

“By promoting the diverse and wonderful sunset experiences at Angkor, this project aims to spread visitor load across the park, provide benefits to local communities and offer new attractive opportunities for visitors.”

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