The Mango Place, Broome – Review – 5*


Lot 4, Kanagae Dr, 12 Mile, Broome WA 6725
(08) 9192 5462

If you’re searching for a slice of paradise then look no further than The Mango Place, Broome. Secret-recipe jams and chutneys, woodfired pizzas, delicious pies, homemade cakes and their famous mango smoothies – what more could a foodie ask for?

It seems to me that artisan cafes and markets seem to have been popping up all over the place for the past couple of years. More and more people are starting to appreciate the quality of homemade food and handmade items and The Mango Place has plenty of both. On top of this, they pride themselves on not only being Australian built and run but also supporting other Australian artists and companies, providing sustainable and ethical products, using native ingredients to showcase the diversity of The Kimberley.

We all know nothing compliments good grub better than a great atmosphere, which is easily found in this relaxing sun spot. Take a seat underneath a mango tree, pull up a chair in the shade and cool off with a mango ice cream. Enjoy the curious music of the friendly butcher birds, who will certainly try and join you for lunch, and sit back and soak up the atmosphere.

Starting out in 2005 with little more than a tin shack to cook up customers’ lunch, Julie and Geoff Weguelin have built their own piece of heaven. Julie’s reputation as an incredible cook has had people flocking to this idyllic lunch spot for years but they have come a long way since then. From two humble jam recipes they have flourished and now boast an extensive menu of curries, paninis, pizzas (including gluten free), pies and sweets – oh so many sweets! – all alongside a tasty drinks menu including such items as Mango Madness, a sweet and fruity cocktail, and their pink and sweet Kimberley Sunset. There’s alcoholic and soft drinks available but if you’re inclined to sip a cocktail with lunch, and if you’re over 18 of course, I implore you to try a Bloody Ruby. It uses mixed berries and their home-made Rosella Port which create a deliciously fruity delight.

Which brings me on to their wine and port selection. They make their own (surprise!) Mango Outback Dessert Wine which contains no less than 1.5 kilos of mango. Its sweet and syrupy texture compliments both sweet and savoury dishes and is a must-buy to take home as a present or a treat for yourself to remember your trip to The Kimberley. Their other ports, made from native Australian plants and trees such as the local wattle trees and rosella plants and Queensland lemon aspen, add something special to cocktails, over ice cream or as flavourings in your favourite recipes. The knowledgeable staff are full of ideas and serving suggestions for any items you buy from the adjoining shop.

Said shop, however, does not just sell the condiments and foodstuffs I’ve mentioned so far (which reminds me, you must try the teas! The rosella is my favourite with a spot of honey but you must try the mango tea with a slice of one of their delectable cakes…), it also sells soaps, lotions, mozzi repellant, aloe vera soothing gel and more, all homemade, of course. On top of that, they often sell items on behalf of local artists such as Damien Kelly, a Broome photographer who captures the colours and intensity of The Kimberley beautifully.

All in all, if you’re looking for something cute, quirky and which really represents Broome lifestyle and culture then The Mango Place is the place for you. Sundays are my favourite day as local musicians play in the afternoon and they are open ‘til late. BYO and stay until sunset with friends whether it’s a speical occasion or just because.

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