Enrolling in the school of life

Graduation, July, 2013

The past 18 months has been a steep learning curve and I am sure I’ll write a post about that soon enough, but considering I graduated 13 months ago and have been in Australia for 11 months and 28 days, here’s some things I have learned about myself since I left uni and enrolled in the school of life.

I have more patience than I thought but that I have less time for people who don’t deserve it.
I like things to be neat and tidy whereas before I was the messiest person alive.
I love salad.
I love growing my own food.
I love being outdoors.
I love the buzz I get from writing but I don’t miss being in an office.
I miss working with children more than I ever thought I would and maybe now I’ll study to become a teacher.
I miss Europe.
I don’t like ingratitude, especially when it comes from myself.
I was all but blind to the lack of intersectionality within feminism and it was a post on Facebook that introduced me to it.
Social media can be a powerful and important tool.
I’m really good at selling stuff.
I like being looked after just as much as looking after.
I still strive for justice but am afraid that I will become too wrapped up in my own life to be the person who fights for injustice.
I miss cold weather.
I am a stronger person but still hypersensitive.
I will not get killed by a bug.
Manners are VERY important to me.
I love bananas.
Love is difficult.
I can’t eat or drink dairy.
I wish I could still eat cheese but I don’t miss milk at all.
Nature is really amazing.
You can eat zucchini/courgette flowers in salad and they’re delicious and pretty but you can only eat the male because the females grow the actual vegetable and make sure you leave one male per plant to keep the ladies happy.
Every time I write the word delicious I type it deliscious and have to go back and re-write it.
I used to drink a diet coke every day but now I hate fizzy pop.
I love YouTube and still spend my free 30 minutes in the morning before work watching my favourite YouTubers (ie. HartBeat, Hannah Hart Stevie Boebi and Sarah Croce)
I like really long showers.
I also really like yoga but rarely make time for it.
I’m definitely not straight.
I’m still an idealist despite my best efforts to be a realist.
I want to move to Melbourne because I think Sydney might be too glamorous for me and I just want some European feeling back in my life! (I’ll post more about missing Europe soon :))
I used to be so scared of not liking foods that I just wouldn’t eat them but I was in denial about it.
Dates are yummy. The fruit AND the occasion.
I’m good at baking.
I like being healthier although I used to pretend I didn’t care.
I still struggle with self-esteem despite firmly believe everybody is beautiful.
I love the gay community with all of its facets and characters and support for one another.
I just can’t bring myself to pretend I like beer.
But I do love whisky! Who knew…
My big and beautiful family means more to me than ever before. I think I took them for granted for a while but being away for so long has made me realise how lucky I am to have of people back at home who will always love me, always look forward to seeing me and who will always support my whatever I do.
The more independent I become, the more I want to share my life with my friends and loved ones.
I want to write children’s books.
Sometimes being alone is precious.
I want to see San Francisco more than ever. (Autostraddle don’t help a bit in that department…)
And LA.
And New York.
And all of the US.
I’ve still got a lot to learn I hope I’ll understand myself some more while I’m there, whenever that may be.


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