Shanghai Village

Who: Shanghai Village

What: Restaurant

Where: 112 Little Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000

Why: Best dumplings in Melbourne. Cheap, delicious, full of character and BYO

Web: Far too old school.

If it’s authentic China Town you’re after then Shanghai Village has all the flavour and disregard for service that you’d find in a Hong Kong dumpling house. Always packed to the rafters (literally, there are three floors), this little slice of The East may not seem like much but I say let your tastebuds be the judge.

Food: A huge huge huge menu. Wonderfully fresh, juicy and giant dumplings available friend, steamed, in soup, you name it. They’ve also got pages of rice and noodle dishes which are full of flavour and such huge portions even the largest appetites will be satisfied.

Seeing as I’m not one for pig intestine fried rice, I can recommend the spicy chicken scrips with rice, pork and prawn fried dumplings, the veggie fried rice, shredded pork and the classic steamed dumplings. You’ll pay around $8 for a main and the same for 15 dumplings.

Because of it’s low prices, high flavour and large portions, it’s popular with what seems like everybody in Melbourne. Students and families alike flock to Shanghai Village for good grub so you might have to wait on weekends but it’s worth it. It also means the staff are rushed off their feet so you may very well never hear a word from your server but the food never takes too long and they’ve never gotten it wrong no matter how big our party. They’re open til 10 or 10.30pm so you can sit back and enjoy your evening with good friends and good food.

Bonus: You can BYO for $2 a person no matter how much wine or beer you have, which is alright by me.




Good portions

Quick service

Open late


A wait on weekends


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