Hammer and Tong 412

Who: Hammer and Tong 412

What: Cafe

Where: Rear 412 Brunswick St, Fitzroy, Vic 3065

When: Monday – Sunday: 7am-4pm

Why: Better-than-sex-food, fantastic coffee and the most delectable sweet treats

Web: http://hammerandtong.com.au

Everyone has heard of Hammer and Tong and if you haven’t then you must be one of those outrageous lunatics that hate food. Anybody who has met me knows that brunch is my favourite meal of the day and Hammer and Tong do it so damn well that my latest trip only fuelled my mid-morning addiction.

Coffee: This place served up my first ever cold drip back when I first moved to Melbourne and it was so divine that I that I believe it may have had a hand in the imminent and intense love of great coffee. All I can say is that it’s a good job I live in Melbourne and have the world’s best coffee on tap because when your first time is this good everything proceeding can seem disappointing. On my second visit as part of my Two Trip Rule* the coffee didn’t disappoint. My pour over, Debbie’s Aeropress and our mate’s soy flat white were all wonderful.

Food: A little party in my mouth. Our first visit in February treated us to the meal that I would still be talking about 6 months later. Salt and pepper French toast topped with a fried duck egg, smoked Oreo crumbs with spicy chorizo, salted caramel and duck egg ice cream and a mint salad. It sounds a little ridiculous, and it was, but the sensation of hot, cold, spicy, cool, sweet, salty in every bite was delightful.

The second trip was a little more traditional with braised mushrooms, 62 degree eggs and homemade cornbread. Deb had crispy potatoes and spicy chorizo and they were both lovely. One of the great things about this menu is the option to stay classic and go for smashed avo or Eggs Benny or alternatively go wild and try poached trout for breakfast.

The star of the day was Pollywaffle.


I am always tempted to pick the sweet option but rarely do so this time decided to treat us and ordered this bowlful of wonderful with three spoons for dessert. I won’t tell you too much but just go to Hammer and Tong, order it, then thank me.

All in all: It’s very very cool. Just off the trendy Brunswick Street, you’ll be surrounded by hipster foodies whose snippets of pretentious conversation will pepper an otherwise lovely atmosphere.


Food glorious food

Specialty coffee

Cool atmosphere

Great service

Did I mention the food?


Busy on weekends so you may have to wait a little for a table

*Two Trip Rule: If I super-love or super-hate a place I go twice to check whether it was a fluke…


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