Long and Heavy Days

Long and heavy days

Spent trudging through lines of code

Words strung together

To teach somebody

About how to sell to somebody else

Something that they do not need.

Funding a lifestyle

That I never knew I wanted

Becoming addicted

To the benefits of capitalism

And to the unfamiliar feeling

Of being on top of the world.

Gone are the days spent in the orchards of Italy

Singing lullabies to the trees.

Gone are the days of writing poetry until 3am

For the love of words alone.

Gone are the days of struggling to pay a bill

Here are the days of struggling to create.

Life is easier, life is happier, life is richer

And these days love is present, uplifting, intoxicating

But we constantly struggle for the next thing

Just out of our reach

We peer over the river

To the evergreen grass on the other side.

I have waved goodbye to my home

And to the days of eternal winter

But the cold finds a way

To creep into the cracks of your bruised bones

And remind you of your own fragile humanity

And keep you chasing somebody else’s dream.


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