Brother Baba Budan

Who: Brother Baba Budan

What: Cafe

Where: 359 Little Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000

When: Monday – Saturday 7am to 5pm, Sunday 9am to 5pm

Why: Specialty coffee using Seven Seeds beans in a cute little spot


This has held a place in the upper ranks of Melbourne’s specialty coffee scene since it began. Their passion for coffee shows in every single cup and combined with their great service this place is always packed to the rafters. Drop by for a takeaway or find a barstool and enjoy the unusual decor and a raspberry cheesecake doughnut.

Coffee: You can’t go wrong with any choice in this place. Their filters are bright and clear and come with a Seven Seeds coffee card to explain the origin and tasting notes and any questions you have, the baristas are knowledgeable and passionate. Their espressos and milk coffees are wonderful too and their hot chocolate sent me into a daze for a solid ten minutes.

If you’re wondering about the unusual name, the parent company, Seven Seeds are inspired by the 17th Century Sufi, Baba Budan, who smuggled seven seeds of coffee from the Middle-East to the Western World. It’s so poetically wonderful and only adds to the soft and creative atmosphere of this Melbourne cafe.

Food: Their cakes and doughnuts are the perfect accompaniment to a large batch brew and a good book.  There’s no brunch or breakfast menu but it’s such a cosy spot with seats dotted in nooks and crannies that you couldn’t stick around and tuck into a big meal.

All in all: The steady stream of Melburnians makes for great people watching so head here for some solitary creativity drawing, reading or writing and a beautiful cup of coffee.


Lovely atmosphere

Specialty coffee

Great service


No food menu (but lovely cakes)

No bathrooms

Difficult to find a seat at times


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