Icy Stars

You are a sacred ground upon which only the truest can tread

I am a side street, a convenient shortcut to a desired location

You are the pillar of our community, teaching us right from wrong

Teaching us when to laugh and when to cry

I am the eager school child, desperate to learn from you

Desperate to stand tall with you, where now I look up to you

Your body is a marble statue, to be desired and admired

But only when you allow my blindfold to fall

My body is a playground, to be toyed with like a game

To be laughed at and used and thrown away, disposable

Your words are the gospel, the commandments

Droplets of gold from the oracle’s lips

My words are stuttered, interrupted, a nuisance

Like water dripping from a tap

Your time is precious, like snowflakes melting on our skin

My time is spent waiting, for more of your icy stars to fall


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