• 48 hours in Canberra - Australia’s Capital often sits in the shadow of nearby Sydney’s bright lights and beach life but I think the smallest state in Oz has big potential. So here’s how I spent 48 hours in Canberra … More 48 hours in Canberra
  • Melbourne Part 1: First Impressions - What’s it like living in Melbourne? Here’s a fresh perspective this well-loved city. Melbourne is commonly referred to Australia’s ‘Culture Capital’ and when you arrive it’s easy to see why. A quick Google search for ideas on how to spend your evening will bring up half a dozen free gigs across the city, a handful of … More Melbourne Part 1: First Impressions
  • Room in Broome - In the North Western corner of Australia lies unsuspecting Broome, a small beach town full of character, sunshine and mangoes … More Room in Broome
  • Beyond Bondi - Bondi Beach is probably Sydney’s most famous sandy shore but there’s so much more to see. This guide will take you beyond Bondi to discover some of the other beachy beauties Sydney has to offer. 1. Manly If Bondi is the young hipster’s choice then Manly is its cool older sister. It plays host to … More Beyond Bondi
  • Seven boredom-busting ideas for kids in Sydney - Sydney’s bustling metropolis is surprisingly child friendly! Here are my favourite boredom busting activities and sites for nippers big and small. When you think of urban hubs such as London, New York and Sydney, child-proof isn’t normally the first phrase that springs to mind. As you may or may not know, I have been working … More Seven boredom-busting ideas for kids in Sydney
  • On A Budget: Essential Sydney - One thing I always hear from travellers is how expensive Australia, and Sydney in particular, is. Well I’m here to tell you that you can experience the sights that Sydney is famous for on little-to-no money. Aside from the nocturnal view of the city from Milson’s Point that I mentioned in my previous post, there … More On A Budget: Essential Sydney

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